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Cruise Ship Injuries Cause Life Altering Damages

Many people enjoy taking a cruise with a Cruise Line such as Carnival or Royal Caribbean or any other name brand cruise line. These type of vacations can be a great way to travel and experience many parts of the world. However, there are times when a passenger is injured as a result of the negligence of the Cruise Line, particularly, when the maintenance of the ship is not up to the proper standards. Cruise Lines have the duty to provide a reasonably safe ship for its passengers. When a Cruise Line fails to uphold this duty to its passengers, there can and will be injuries suffered by its passengers that should have been prevented. The injuries suffered by its passengers can be life altering and what started out as a vacations and special occasion can end in serious pain and suffering.

We recently represented a young man who was injured on a Cruise Ship during his honeymoon. Unfortunately, for my client, the injuries which he suffered were severe and required extensive surgery and rehabilitation and will, most likely, cause discomfort for a very long period of time. Many passengers are unaware of the restrictions and obligations that are placed upon them by the Cruise Line when purchasing a ticket. By way of limited example, if a passenger is injured and files suit against the Cruise Line, most, if not all, require that the suit be filed in Miami.

It is important for injured passengers to document what caused their injury as soon as possible. There is a simple way to accomplish this task. Most passengers are equipped with a smart phone (I Phone; Galaxy; HTC) that can take high quality pictures. When injured, an incident report will be created by the Cruise Line; however, it is vital that passengers also document by photos and, if necessary, personal notes:  where the incident occurred; how the incident occurred; who witnessed the incident; what caused the passenger to be injured; what employees of the Cruise Line were involved; and any other information that the passenger may thing might be important in the future. The reason:  what caused the injury to the passenger may be gone by morning.

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