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Oil Rig Accident Claims the Life of Worker in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, an oil rig accident left one on-duty worker dead. While the details of the accident are still being ascertained, other employees on the scene reported hearing a loud boom. Authorities suspect that too much pressure in some of the oil rig’s pipes caused the worker’s supporting equipment to fail before one of the pipes hit the worker, killing him on impact.

While this specific type of accident is uncommon, in general, oil rig workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Oil rig injuries may be the result of improperly trained or negligent workers, gas leaks, slips or falls, explosions, dangerous chemicals or substances, poor communication, or another factor. Many different types of injuries tend to result from these accidents, including:

  • Burns. There are many different substances present on oil rigs, including gas and oil, which are both highly flammable. Fires and explosions are common hazards. Burns can also occur when a worker accidentally comes into contact with toxic chemicals or substances.
  • Brain or head injuries. Oil rig workers are often required to work very high off the ground. Falls from these heights can cause head, brain and spinal cord injuries. Serious injuries can also occur when falling equipment strikes workers on the ground.
  • Toxic fume exposure. Oil rigs contain many toxic chemicals, and prolonged exposure to any of them can cause respiratory problems, brain damage and other major health issues.
  • Amputations. Oil rigs also use different types of heavy machinery. If these machines are operated improperly or fall onto a person, catastrophic injuries or death can result.

If you’ve been injured because of dangerous working conditions, speak with a Biloxi, Mississippi attorney about filing a workers’ compensation claim or pursuing additional compensation for personal injury or wrongful death.

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