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Mississippi Lawyers Help You Understand Your Rights under the Jones Act

Seamen who suffer injury on the job may be able to recover compensation

Offshore injury cases involve unique laws and regulations. As a seaman who has recently suffered injury on the job, you may be wondering if you are eligible to receive any form of compensation. If your condition is serious, you may be unable to work, and as medical bills add up, you could find yourself overwhelmed by debt.

Corban • Gunn • Van Cleave Law Firm works diligently to assist injured seamen with obtaining the compensation they deserve. Our tenacious lawyers scrutinize every detail of your case to determine if any form of negligence contributed to your accident. We provide you with an honest case evaluation and explain how we believe you should proceed.

What does the Jones Act do?

Seamen — individuals who perform a significant amount of work on a vessel — are unable to collect workers’ compensation. So if you are injured while working on a ship, how do you recover damages?

The Jones Act allows a seaman to sue an employer for negligence. To obtain compensation for your injuries, you must show that the captain, boat owner and/or crew acted negligently and, as a result, caused your accident. The types of damages you may recover for a maritime accident are generally the same as those you would receive in a recreational boating accident or for any other personal injury matter in Mississippi — pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical expenses, disfigurement, permanent disability, loss of companionship and love, nursing care, rehabilitation, and property damage.

What is negligence under the Jones Act?

Maritime employers must provide a safe place to work and must maintain vessels in safe working condition. Under the Jones Act, a maritime employer is responsible for the negligence of any workers, including the captain and crewmembers. Corban • Gunn • Van Cleave Law Firm assists workers who suffer injury because of the following unsafe vessel conditions:

  • Slippery deck from oil or grease
  • Equipment failure or broken equipment
  • Negligence of the seaman’s co-workers
  • Assault by a co-worker
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Failure to provide the crew with sufficient equipment
  • Improper training of the seaman or of the crew in general
  • Unsafe work methods

The burden of proof for establishing negligence in a Jones Act case is much lower than in a typical personal injury case. To secure compensation, you need only show that your maritime employer played a role, no matter how minor, in causing your accident. However, you must file your claim within three years of the date of your injury.

Choose a legal team that fights aggressively for the rights of injured seamen

If you make your living as a seaman, you cannot afford to let an injury disrupt your life. At Corban • Gunn • Van Cleave Law Firm, our lawyers help you file a lawsuit against your employer so you can obtain the money you need to recover. Call 228.273.4455 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also visit our office in Biloxi. We serve clients in Gulfport and across Mississippi.

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