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Mississippi Lawyers Protect Workers Injured by Construction Defects

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From cranes to saws and scaffolding, the construction industry is fraught with dangers. However, if safety protocols are followed, many injuries can be prevented. Still, some injuries caused by equipment and vehicle defects cannot be avoided. If you suffer injury because of a faulty ladder or defective piece of equipment, you may be able to file a third-party lawsuit.

At Corban • Gunn • Van Cleave Law Firm, we passionately advocate for injured workers in Gulfport and across the Hospitality State. We provide you with the attention you deserve, carefully reviewing your case and determining if it is worth your time to pursue a claim separate from your workers compensation case.

Types of construction defects

Since the tools of the construction trade are inherently dangerous, even a minor design defect can cause injuries to construction workers. Workers compensation only pays you for economic losses, including lost wages, medical bills, prescription costs, medical supplies, rehabilitation services and vocational training. However, the workers comp program does not provide compensation for pain and suffering. A products liability lawsuit against an equipment manufacturer does. Following are examples of items that commonly have construction defects:

  • Power tools — Electric saws, drills and jackhammers are essential to the construction industry. However, if these power tools are defective, they may malfunction and cause electrocution, burn injuries, scarring and disfigurement, and amputations.
  • Ladders and scaffolding — Even a defective bolt or rivet on an otherwise stable ladder or scaffolding can lead to serious injury or death. Workers in fall accidents often suffer spine, neck and brain injuries.
  • Forklifts — Forklifts are also integral to the completion of many construction projects. However, operating these motor vehicles requires specialized training. If any component of a forklift malfunctions or is defective, it may cause injury to the operator or other workers.
  • Safety equipment — As a worker, you place your trust in your safety equipment — your hardhat, harness, gloves, welding mask, etc. However, if this equipment is defective it may fail at preventing injury or, worse yet, cause further injury.

If you sustain an injury because of a defective vehicle or tool, you have the right to consult with an attorney. Our personal injury lawyers provide you with an honest case assessment and look out for your best interests.

Workers compensation lien against third-party lawsuits

If you receive workers compensation for your injury and file a third-party lawsuit to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, the workers compensation carrier may file a lien against your lawsuit. This allows the carrier to receive a portion of the reimbursement it paid you.

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