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Mississippi Lawyers Assisting Families with Fatalities Resulting from Medical Negligence

Attorneys who guide you when your loved one dies at the hands of a doctor or surgeon

Medical malpractice occurs in hospitals around the country. However, while some patients may walk away with a cold or minor infection, others are not so lucky. If your loved one passed away after medical treatment, a doctor, surgeon, hospital or nurse may be at fault.

Medical negligence cases are notoriously hard to prove. At Corban • Gunn • Van Cleave Law Firm, our experienced legal team has the tools, resources and knowledge to handle the toughest cases. We review your medical records carefully and consult with expert witnesses to determine the cause of your injuries. If a physician or other healthcare provider is responsible, we prepare to negotiate or litigate to help you obtain compensation.

Common causes for medical negligence fatalities

After losing a loved one, you may have many questions. Yet none is likely as important as why this happened to your family. Was your loved one sick? Was the person declared terminally ill? When a patient dies under the care of a hospital or doctor, an investigation may reveal that a medical professional is at fault. Some common causes of fatalities caused by medical negligence include:

  • Operating on the wrong patient — If patients are mixed up, the wrong patient may undergo surgery. Any type of surgery is invasive and involves the risk that something can go wrong.
  • Operating on the wrong part of the body — A surgeon who operates on the wrong part of a patient’s body may cause serious injury or even death.
  • Making medication mistakes — The right medication may treat or even cure a condition. However, the wrong medication may have dire consequences for a person’s health.
  • Making diagnostic errors — A doctor who fails to properly diagnose a condition that a reasonable member of the medical community would have diagnosed may be liable for malpractice.

Patients may also suffer harm from poor emergency medical care. Emergency staff may fail to clean and disinfect instruments properly or provide care while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Regardless of who is responsible for your family member’s death, our medical malpractice lawyers are determined to help you obtain compensation.

Wrongful death and survivor actions

When you file a wrongful death claim against a healthcare provider, you are asserting that the hospital or doctor made a medical mistake that led to your loved one’s death. To take legal action, you must be the widow or widower of the deceased, the parent of the deceased child, the child of the deceased parent, or a sibling of the deceased.

Loss of chance

In most medical malpractice cases, the court assumes that if the patient had a chance of survival — even a minor chance — the doctor’s mistake prematurely ended the patient’s life. For example, imagine a man is in a car accident and suffers internal bleeding. Doctors explain there is a 20 percent chance the man will live if he has the surgery. During the procedure, the operating surgeon makes a mistake and the man dies. Since the man had a 20 percent chance of survival, the court may find the doctor liable for malpractice, since there was a chance he would have lived had the doctor not made the mistake.

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